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Self-employed? Health insurance can make all the difference

If you're self-employed, an illness or injury can affect your business. You simply don't have time to be off sick. You need to be back on your feet and back to work as quickly as possible. That's why our business health insurance is essential back up for your business. If you want the reassurance of that back up, simply get a self-employed business health insurance quote online - you'll have a price in minutes.

Swift access to diagnosis to get you back to work faster

Whichever business medical insurance option you choose, you'll know that you won't need to sit on an NHS waiting list. As long as you're covered, you'll have the reassurance of access to a speedy diagnosis, so you can get started with your treatment as fast as possible.

Hospital appointments that fit around you

With private medical care, you can often choose the date and time of your appointment more easily than with an NHS appointment. That means you can fit your treatment around meetings or appointments, or simply arrange cover so your business can keep ticking over while you're concentrating on getting better.

Self-employed health insurance at a price to suit you

Taking out a health insurance policy can feel like a big step. But Business Priority Health insurance is flexible, so you can choose your cover and get a price that suits you. If you get a quote now, you'll see how easy it is to tailor it to match your needs and your budget.

Business Priority Health insurance is essential back up for anyone who's self-employed. Why not get a quote now and see how it fits your business?

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